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Service intervals

Water quality is an important factor in the lifetime of a system, and in how the operating costs and environmental optimization works out. Dependent on the type of system or plant, and the over all quality of water, the need for water analysis and water treatment varies. In consulting with us we can determine the actual need of water treatment and involvement in this process. It might be possible to handle dosing of chemical automatically by using our pH-Controller, or a dosing manual can be custom made for your system so you can dose manually. We can also offer a custom made service agreement where we handle all you water treatment needs.

We provide

→ Custom service agreements, X number of yearly visits

→ We are there to help if the need arise 

→ Fast delivery of chemicals for water treatment


Hydro-X is certified by the internional standards of servereal control systems. This ensures that we always work in the most responisble and enviromentally safe way, while still maintaining a high consistent quality of products and service.

ISO certificeringer

→ Quality management (ISO 9001)

→ Enviromental management (ISO 14001)

→ Occupational health and safety mangement (OHSAS 18001)