Welcome to Hydro-X

HYDRO-X A/S is an optimistic business with growth potential and with many unexplored opportunities that may be harvested in the near future. Significant experience gained over the past several decades, and the presence in many parts of the world, will be used to consolidate the position as a world leading company in the chemical water treatment technology.

Over the past 70 years HYDRO-X A/S has gained much experience by working closely with partners and customers in many parts of the world. HYDRO-X A/S currently has 14 employees in Denmark, but the worldwide network includes more than 250 people. This ensures that customers in many parts of the world should have an excellent service and accurate information on water treatment within the field of the company┬┤s business: Water treatment on steam plants, district and central heating plants, and cooling systems.

Within these areas HYDRO-X A/S is working with chemicals, services, consulting, filtering, softening and electronics for monitoring, control and dosage of water treatment chemicals. In Denmark, we are conducting comprehensive analyses in order for our clients to assess the advantages in economics and reliability in various plants. It is all about cost-efficiency and quality assurance.

Through the development of new products and new markets, HYDRO-X A/S will be the preferred supplier and partner in water treatment for the power sector and the industrial sector in the future. HYDRO-X A/S is the only supplier of water treatment products in Denmark, which is certified according to ISO 9001 Quality Management, 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 18001 OHSAS management system. These internal and external quality management systems provide benefits for our customers who can be guaranteed that nothing is left to chance, and that all customers are being treated respectfully.

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