Cooling water


Hydro-X provides service on evaporative cooling tower and closed loop cooling systems worldwide. We continously develop and optimize our cooling products to adjust them to new technologies and cooling solutions. We have products specially formulated for water treatment on open and closed cooling systems, as well as passivation, repassivation and cleaning of these systems.

All products are available plastic cans of 20 litres, drums of 200 litres or IBC of 700 litres.

We can deliver dosing equipment suitable for all applications within district heating.


Hydrocor Series

This product line is developed for corrosion protection in cooling systems. The products are formulated from various inhibitors of metal corrosion, as well as organic phosphonates for stabilizing of hardness. There products suited for both open and closed cooling systems.

This product line contains the products:

  • Hydrocor 201
  • Hydrocor 202
  • Hydrocor 224
  • Hydrocor 226
  • Hydrocor 226 Special
  • Hydrocor ReP 205

Hydroplex Series

This product line is developed for dosing in systems where hardness and calcium scaling cause significant issuses. The products are suitable for stabilizing of very high hardness values, as well as online cleaning of calcium scale, which makes removal of scale possible without any down time of the system.

This product line contains the products:

  • Hydro-PLEX 104
  • Hydro-PLEX 136
  • Hydro-PLEX 405


Hydrocid Series

This product line contains several product for disinfection of mainly cooling systems. Hydro-X A/S only produces and sell enviromentally approved biocides for disinfection.

This product line contains the products:

  • Hydrocid 306
  • Hydrocid 375
  • Hydrocid 401


Safety Data Sheet

Are you missing Safety Data Sheets for one or more of our products? Send us a mail on with your request,  and we will provide it for you.