District heating

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Hydro-X have provided District heating plants in Denmark and great parts of Europe and Asia with service, chemicals, pumps and dosing equipment for many years. We continously expand on our experience and expertise. We use this expertise to improve and optimize our products and solutions for the industry. With our background in water treatment, we are capable og finding the best treatment plan that improves the lifetime of your district heating system.

All products are available plastic cans of 20 litres, drums of 200 litres or IBC of 700 litres.

We can deliver dosing equipment suitable for all applications within district heating.


Hydro-X Boilercompounds

Our classic product line with roots all the way back to the companys beginnings.

The product line is custom fit the boilers and district heating systems and regulates the pH, coagulates and disperses hardness and sludge as well as scavenge oxygen.

Well suited for District heating systems, steam boiler and hot water boilers.

This product line contains the products:

  • Hydro-X Boilercompound
  • Hydro-X E10 Super
  • Hydro-X E5 Special

Hydrotan Series

This product line was developed mainly for steam boiler and condensate system in mind. It is, however, also suitable in district heating applications and similar systems.

This product lines purpose is to ensure boilers and pipelines agains oxygen korrosion as wells as regulate pH and protect boilers against calcium hardness.

As an example: Hydro-Tan 10 is especially suited for steam systems since it contain a mild amine which protects critical steam processes against oxygen corrosion.

This product line contains the products:

  • Hydrotan 10
  • Hydrotan OH
  • Hydrotan PO

Uranin Tracer

For over 30 years, we have been the leading supplier of tracer for leakage detection within the district heating sector.

This is achieved by adding Uranin to the system water which gives an easily recognisable green/yellow colour.

The product is available as powder or solution.

This product line contains the products:

  • Uranin Tracer
  • Hydrocol 801

Hydrocid Series

This product line contains several product for disinfection of mainly cooling systems. Hydro-X A/S only produces and sell enviromentally approved biocides for disinfection.

This product line contains the products:

  • Hydrocid 306
  • Hydrocid 375
  • Hydrocid 401

Safety Data Sheet

Are you missing Safety Data Sheets for one or more of our products? Send us a mail on ts@hydro-x.com with your request,  and we will provide it for you.