ISO 14001 – Enviromental management system

This certification requires that we constantly do our utmost to minimize the enviromental impact. It is no secret that we work with chemicals on a daily basis. But properly applied and composed, chemistry can be used to great benefit to both the industry and not least nature - and we at Hydro-X posses this know-how.

If, for example, a leakage occurs at a district heating plant, where the water is treated with Hydro-X, the enviromental impact from the spill will be less than if the water had been untreated. In addition to this, is the lower energy consumption and longer life, of virtually all types of processing plants, where Hydro-X water treatment is used.

Of course, like most other companies in Denmark, we are  also certified according to ISO 9001.

Life Cycle Assesment

In connection with the ISO 14001 certification, we have in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute carried out an LCA (Life-Cycle Assessment) on our main product HYDRO-X. This enables us to document how our product affects the environment completely from the production of the raw materials to the end-use phase of our customers.

The conclusion from the Danish Technological Institute is clear: In the concentrations in which Hydro-X is used, the product has no detrimental effect on the environment and the toxicological values ​​are so low during the use phase that it does not adversely affect treatment plants or the environment.

Healthy work enviroment

A healthy work environment is also an important factor in our deliberations. Therefore, our products are delivered, as far as possible, ready-mixed and ready for use without pouring into new containers.

This avoids wastage and unnecessary contact with the products. At the same time, it is ensured that the mixing ratio is always uniform and the water treatment optimal.

"Water needs to be treated with care" - This have always been one of our prime values "